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11:33pm 05/12/2004
mood: pleased
I haven't updated in awhile, but what difference does it make? I've moved on to melo. It's a lot, friendlier? Yeah, definitely.

Not much of a change from the everyday life, either. I haven't been able to get out in a long while.

I heard 3 Inches of Blood for the first time the other day, I thought they were some kind of metalcore band by the sound of their name. But no, this band has Halford like wails? What the shit. It's a shame they've only got one good song too. Oh man, pirate themed metal is fucking awesome.

Pirate metal, is there such a genre? I hope so.

The other day my dad asked me why I was so obsessed with Judas Priest, he doesn't understand.
I have Judas Priest everywhere, man. He thinks I'm a fucking nut. I'm hoping to convince him to get me the Priest boxset for Christmas. That'd be sweeeeet.

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Pierce Right Through Me   
10:35pm 16/11/2004
mood: uncomfortable
Hooray for broken knee caps.

Well, not quite so broken. But enough to be labelled as an "acute" injury. At least I don't have to use those fucking krutches. Fuck. They bruise. I can finally walk with some ease after 3 straight days of icing on and off, painkillers and a lot of stretching. Stairs are another problem, though. I can't bend my knee? Ha. Wicked.
I have to take at least 2 weeks off hockey, which sucks. But whatever, I'll be back playing by the end of the week. No worries.

So, this new Depeche Mode album, well the Remixed Singles('85-'04..I think) album, fucking rocks. I listen to it constantly in HMV and decided to...not buy it...but download it. Halo, is the best song ever. Shut up.
Goredawn came over tonight. He made me eat kiwi skin. It was good, tasted just like kiwi, who would've thought. He brought me cherry pie too. Since, dad ate my last piece Gordo brought over for me. lol. That bastard.
So, since I have seemed to mysteriously gained like 100000000000000000000 pounds, I'm losing all of it. That's right, until I'm absolutely nothing! Yeeeeah. Okay. Everything will be better when I'm done. The only thing in my way is a stupid fucking busted knee! Jebus.
Umm, what's left to talk about. Nothing really.

Enjoy the silence.

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08:29pm 02/11/2004
  I didn't go to hockey tonight, I had a lot of things to do. I finally finished my law project, I'm happy with it, I guess. I'm still disappointed I couldn't find the movie I wanted anywhere in Ottawa.
Mom took me to the barn tonight, it's the first time (well second, the first time I stayed there for a whole 5 minutes...)I've been there since she started boarding Chiquita there. It's a nice place.
I bought some tattoo magazine at the gas station in hopes of finding some colors that go really well together and will help me find what will make my tattoo look really good. It's interesting, but some people just take it too far. Who would've thought your ears could stretch out a little more than 2 inches in diameter. It's just gross.
I was joking around and told mom I wanted my septum done and she looked at me as if she was ready to kill me. I don't know why she hates piercings so much but I can convince her to let me get tattoos. Yes, that s on tattoo is supposed to be there. She doesn't care, she likes tattoos, but god forbid I come home with metal in my face. Grr. Temporary vs. Permanent. I just don't get it.
Anyway, I've got to find something to do for the rest of the night. I just realized how boring it really is when I've got nothing to do. First time in a long time I've come right home after co-op.

Argh. Tv?

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10:37pm 29/10/2004
  Charles Manson is one hot piece of ass.

That is all.

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09:28pm 25/10/2004

that's what i want. minus the ladybug.


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10:01pm 24/10/2004
mood: Thilly, oh tho thilly.
I haven't updated in awhile, but what else is new.
It's just been the same old thing. Gordon, work, hockey and school. I love it.
MacEwen sucks..so does the arena.
But, I'll tell you what doesn't suck: Getting a new tattoo. Yeah, I said it.
Mom and I worked out this whole deal. I downsized my ears and she'd agree to sign for my tattoo, so long as I pay for it, which I have no problem doing.
I'm thinking of going to other tattoo places to get it priced. I went to Planet Ink and they said about $120 which is ridiculous for 3 stars behind your ear, if you ask me. But, I love Planet Ink so much.
I need to pick 3 colors and whether or not I want them to be nautical stars...I think doing that would be a bit lame, but then again, the thought of getting 3 stars could be considered lame as well.
Anyway, I haven't really done anything for my article I'm supposed to be presenting in class (maybe tomorrow) 2 thought provoking questions about being a gay celebrity? Fuck. I haven't started on my famous criminal/crimes project. I'm obviously doing the best criminal ever! COUNTESS BATHORY!! Fuck Yeah. She was fucking brutal, I love it.
Ah, anyway. Sleep sounds good right now.

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You Don't Have To Be Afraid Anymore....   
10:33pm 16/10/2004
mood: Um, The penguin is a balloon?
Ha. So, hockey was fucking awesome. First game of the season and a 5 minute major for fighting and...I quote from the ref " I am lucky to not have got a more serious penalty" BAHHAHA.
We played some team, STD Queens of Smithfalls...some bitch slammed right into me, she obviously fell down and cried about it. Well, she skated after me and said "This isn't boys hockey, it's girls hockey" and my reply was something like "Suck it up you fucking slut". I actually didn't understand her arguement. A sport is a sport and it's a little something called aggression?

Ah, that made my day. I just hope tomorrows game is just as good.

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04:48pm 16/10/2004
mood: !!!!11oneone!!11
No Really. I'm having multiple orgasms to God Dethroned.
My first hockey game of the season is tonight. I'm so friggin' excited...well not excited for the part where my coach puts me forward, he just doesn't understand I'm a defence and have been playing that same position for I don't know...9 YEARS!
My boss was making me of me the other day. He said I must beat the shit out of the girls when I'm on the ice. Then he went on to make an impression of me introducing myself "Hi, I'm Vanessa *body slams person* I'm an aries..." Ah, I guess it was an 'you had to be there' sort of moment.
I went to Goredawn's yesterday. I saw Tiff on the way to baseline. It was a lovely surprise. We chatted all the way to Fallowfield. We took different buses to get to our boyfriends' houses, unfortunately. I ended up going downtown with Goredawn and I saw some friends on mine whom I haven't seen in...5 years...since grade 6? YEAH! They recognized me, which is surprising because apparently 'I've changed so much since the last time they saw me". That made my night. It was nice seeing them again.
We also saw Khiem. What a bastard. All I can think when I see him is all those drunken nights. Hahaha. I seriously need to take a saturday off from work. Just so I can go hang out with people and drink. Oh yeah, there was a lot of nu metal kids with him and some chick from the board, but she doesn't make any sense, apparently.
I always think to myself where a lot of mallcore kids get their clothes, honestly. I never see that shit in trivium. It's like what goredawn said, or something like that...that they shop at halloween, for halloween costumes. It actually makes sense? Ha. Whatever.
We obviously made a trip to sugar mountain, because sugar mountain is fucking awesome. I just wish that the candy I bought cost a bit less. $8 for not much candy. The chocolate factory is so much cheaper.

I'm so proud of my report for law. Best report EVER. Rob Halford baby. I'm going to present it with my Priest shirt on and priest blasting in the background...I wish.
Breakin the law, breakin the law.

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01:44pm 13/10/2004

I need some kind of change.

There are things I want to stay the same and other's I wish would disappear.

More of a change in personality. It sucks when you're not happy with the person you are.

It's kind of like the feeling of having something missing. I'm missing something, and fucked if I know what that is.

I want to be more of everything, but it's the hardest thing in the world to make yourself actually do that.

Argh. I need to go to work.


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08:32pm 11/10/2004
mood: So so amused


Ahahahahaha. Shit. This is wicked.


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Oh Sweet Jebus, My Ears Are Having An Orgasm   
06:25pm 09/10/2004
mood: pissed off
I feel like playing Civilization III - SUCH A GOOD GAME! I wish my computer was less ghetttoooo and I could actually play games :( Gordon was describing Fable to me yesterday, that game makes me want to go out and buy an x-box soley for the purpose of playing that single game. Oh yes oh yes.
So, tonight my family took my nanny out to dinner at some International Buffet place. The food was alright. The ice cream was the best, I had this Coffee Crisp stuff, it was heaven.
Turns out that while my family is having a feast over at kay's house for dinner, I'll be stuck in that damned arena till 4 - 10PM. How lovely.
Who in their right mind schedules anyone during those hours? Especially when they haven't talked it over with you AND when it's written on the calendar, it means it's written in stone and under no circumstances may the hours be changed. BLASPHEMY!!!!
But, since I'm so ridiculously metal, I'm not going and probably will quit that job only to start another when some random 'plaza' of the sorts is up around my house.
What a grand day that will be.

The book Angela's Ashes is absolutely spendid and a joy to read. Everyone should read it. Mmhmm.

Anyways, I'm going to go play that game now.

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Boxers or Briefs?   
11:18pm 04/10/2004
Ha, I haven't updated this shit in too long. Come to think of it, I've got nothing to talk about either. As usual.
I've got a few things in mind, rants and such, but it refers to a lot of people who happen to be on my friends list, hahaha.
That's another thing, I don't even care if I was to type up a whole bastardizing rant about someone who is nothing more than an acquaintance? Sweet.
The more I think about it, the more it becomes appealing, well and the more I talk to Gordon about it too. I'm just liking the fact that I can be a complete bitch and then some, and get away with it. Say whatever the fuck I want, and no one will have the balls to say something back.
And really, I want this to happen to me, I don't know why...Or wait, Yeah, I do. If I were to say it, though, I'm sure I'd be getting a few 'ew, lyke omg, that is lyke so gross vanessa"
I'm so prepared to live out my ideal metal lifestyle...or what I think it should be like, at least. I'd say that only one part of my life is completely metal. 3 guesses. Starts with a G ends with a N.
Honestly, any one person I don't like, will know it. I have an urge to be blunt and obnoxious.

Okay so, enough of that. I can feel you all laughing at me now. Umm.
Yeah, co-op isn't fun, never was and I doubt it will ever be.
I need to blowdry my hair, it's kind of cold on my neck, especially when I'm in a basement.
I don't have to work 3 out of 4 times I was scheduled for this week.
I want to move out, really soon.
I hate girls
I want more metal shirts, decent ones, without ordering from the net.
Haha, kicking yourself in the cunt would be impossible. TRY IT!!!oneone!!11

That's all for now.

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Wandering Through Past Memories   
03:27pm 20/09/2004
mood: down
Co-op is still a no go, 3 weeks into school and I haven't got a lead on a placement. I was thinking something radio-like. Well, it turns out all the available radio stations have got student, of course.
Ah, I don't know. I feel like I haven't been myself lately, but only at school and around some people. The only time when I'm myself is when I'm with Trolly McTroll. That's right. It feels a lot more comfortable and less stressful. I don't know what's up with me.

Anyways, my dad appreciated my reminder phone call this afternoon. I told him not to forget to drop by microplay to pick up Battletoads (no sense in keeping it a surprise, you already know...lol) He said he'd call me when all was a success and he had it in his hands. I want to go downtown, which reminds me, I've got to call my boss #2 to find out when I have to train/work since I'm incompetent and retarded at that gas station. I need to develop pictures and buy metal shirts :) It's a shame I never see Bathory ones.

I'm lucky to have a slow semester, I'm not as stressed as I thought I would be and I'm more organized than ever. Who knew an agenda would actually be of some help. Crazy.

Mmmyeesss. Bye.

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11:56pm 16/09/2004
  Ah, two weeks and no entries. Life is good.

Well, not necessaily. I'm juggling 2 jobs, school, hockey and the most amazing boyfriend in the world, which really isn't like any of those things at all, I'd rather see him than work or go to school. Ah, It's hard and I'm sure it'll start to get a lot more stressful when I'm expected to work at both places from 4 - 11. Anyways, I haven't got much to say really. School sucks and I'd rather drop co-op now than think that I'm not allowed to have co-op at a tattoo & piercing place (because I'll be exposed to things like Hep. C and AIDS and dirty needles, when we all know, that isn't what it's like at all at a PROFESSIONAL PIERCING PLACE! JESUS FUCK! I HATE YOU ALL!) and that I'm sure I'll be rejected from the recording studio. It's really not worth waiting for. It's funny how they expect 16 year olds to have already gone through college/university and show up to an interview saying 'Yes, in fact, I have a diploma and tons of audio production expierence, am I hired yet?' Jesus christ. Of course I haven't got experience, isn't that what co-op is all about?

So, if you wanna give me sweet ideas about where to go, or at least try to go next, that'd be awesome. But, it has to be somewhere fucking sweet and metal. I can't think of any myself. I'd go to a music store, but that's been done 10 times over plus 1 million. Argh, hopeless.

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Best Friends   
03:37pm 27/08/2004

This is Sassy and we're obviously best friends. I love my cat. She's sooo cute. Hehe.


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"Wouldn't it be Marvelous if I was a flaming Homosexual"   
11:12pm 25/08/2004
mood: okay

I'm far too lazy to go into detail about everything I've done since Saturday. So I'll do what I do best: short, sweet and straight to the point enteries.

Saturday - Tuesday:

- video games
- junk food
- movie
- Street Fighter
- sleeping/sex (you obviously needed to know that)
- Shower
- video game shopping
- blank
- sleeping at Gordons
- stealing his pj pants because they're so comfy


- disappointed because Reservoir Dogs wasn't on Spike
- Work
- Bored
- Still bored
- Yeah, you guessed it.


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05:25pm 25/08/2004

p.s - I'll have an entry worth reading later. Work time. w00t.

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When the Angels of Twilight Dance   
01:04am 21/08/2004
mood: restless
Ah, so it's been quite the boring day.

I spent the entire day eyes glued to the computer screen. Now, you'd think I'd have something better to do all day, but no. Not me. But, I did talk to Gordon on the phone whilst making spicy chicken burgers.
I did go to work tonight, how exciting. I missed out on drinking and seeing Hanson at the EX. I got paid a measly $42 bucks, that won't even make up for what I spent in Toronto. Maybe for the shirt, and that's about it.

Ah, anyways. Polo is canceled tomorrow. I've been saved from getting up at 7am.

I've got to start doing a lot more things other than just working, it's getting more boring as the weeks go by. I really wish money grew on trees and I had a money tree in my backyard. Actually, I wish I had a few of them. That way, I wouldn't have to work and family wouldn't be so miserable and always worrying. I hate being the one that always has to hear about family issues. Oh well. I guess that comes with being mom's best friend. lol.

Hmm. Well, I've got nothing more to say.

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01:16am 20/08/2004

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07:25pm 19/08/2004
mood: I feel metal

Oh Yeeeaaaah.

So, yesterday was Judas Priest. 
I'll start at the very beginning.

Gordon and I woke up at 6:45am to get to the bus terminal for 8:00am to wait for our 9:30am bus to Toronto. There was a bit of worry as to whether or not we'd actually get on the bus but, of course, we did. It was a long trip down to Toronto, down all the back roads cutting through every hick town there is.

When we arrived in Toronto it was great. Although a little frustration and confusion at the start, everything worked itself out and we had a good time walking the streets of downtown Toronto. We stopped at a few stores along the "fashion district". I finally found 'Painkiller', and of course bought it, along with a BW&BK mag. WITH Judas Priest on the front cover! This was a sign. Haha. Anyways, we walked from the bus terminal to the Molson Amphitheatre. A nice walk if I do say so myself.

When we got to the Amphitheatre, we waited awhile, not too long though. When we were finally let in, wow. I was so pumped. The show started pretty much on time; a little after 7:30pm. Slayer, yes Slayer, hit the stage first. Now, me not being a fan of Slayer at all, was into their set. Why, I don't know. I knew songs and sang along, but damn, Slayer is so much better live. Anyways, we waited not even a half hour for Judas Priest to come on.

But, when they did. Jesus. I was so ready and so into it. They played Electric Eye first followed by Metal Gods if I'm not mistaken. But the list of songs they played was just amazing:  Touch of Evil, Living After Midnight, Painkiller, Diamonds and Rust (slowed down version), You've Got another Thing Comin (which was the last song), Breakin the Law, United, Turbo Lover (yes!), Victim of Changes, You Don't Have to be Old to be Wise, and a bunch of other songs. The encore was fucking sweet and so friggin metal. Halford came out on this old school motorcycle and oooh yeeah, had his leather, studded chaps on with a hardcore studded leather jacket. I definitely came out of that concert being a bigger fucking fan. Mmhmm. 

Hah. There were so many old folks there. A lot of mullets, leather vests and tight, tight pants. One belly top, on a dude, mind you. We ended up getting out of there by 10:45pm. Caught a taxi back to the bus terminal, ate some sausages from the hot dog stand outside of the terminal and hopped on the bus around 12:00am. We arrived back in Ottawa at 4:15am and surprisingly enough, finding a gas station open at that time along bank street is far from impossible. Anyways, we caught the bus back to Fallowfield and back to Gordon's place where I crashed immediately.

I got a total of 8 hours sleep in 2 and a half days. I needed that sleep, badly. Well, all in all that was just an amazing trip and concert, and I'd do it again in a second!
So, who's up for going to see Priest next year? haha.


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